The Beastmaster

Maax is a twisted cult leader out to steal the throne of King Zed. King Zed then banishes Maax, but Maax sends one of his three witches to steal Zed's unborn son. Ripping him right out of his mother's womb with magic and placing it a cow's womb, she takes him to die. Then a brave hunter killed the witch and rescued the young boy. Naming him Dar, they find out at a young age that he possess the power to communicate with animals. Later on, Maax sends his thugs called the horde to wipe out the peaceful village. However, thanks to a brave dog, Dar survives again and makes plans on using his powers to kill Maax to avenge his people and his foster Father.

Genre: Adventure, Action, Fantasy

Actor: Rip Torn, Tanya Roberts, Marc Singer

Director: Don Coscarelli

Country: United States, West Germany

Duration: 118 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1982

IMDb: 6.2