Resident Evil: Chapitre final

Designed to cure his young daughter Alicia's Progeria, an incurable, progressive and fatal malady, Professor James Marcus makes a breakthrough by discovering the T-Virus, however, the miraculous remedy with the unforeseen side-effects, in reality, it was not the cure humanity was led to believe. Instead, this scourge that devours the flesh spitting out undead hellish abominations, spread across the world within days, bringing humankind to its knees and the last remaining human outposts facing impending extermination within hours. Under those circumstances, Alice must race the clock and break back into the ruined Umbrella Corporation Headquarters in Racoon City to retrieve the last vial of an airborne anti-virus to save the remaining persisting human survivors that are still uninfected. But the Hive, the underground stronghold, is deep, still riddled with the hordes of the ravenous animated dead, while at the same time, Alice's arch-nemesis, Dr Alexander Isaacs has a plan for immortality of his own. Is there any hope left for humanity?

Duration: 107 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 5.6