Mujers con bikini

Uploaded by Mammie on August 23th, 2019 in Bikini

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Sandy - 18 January 06:56

Wat een leuk strak poesje en de rest daar rond mag er ook wel wezen.

Drape - 7 November 12:15


Kandra - 2 March 11:29

This is essentially how I've seen the debate and been trying to get across with others. There is no logical reason to segregate bathrooms by sex except for silly societal traditions. There should be no debate about what bathroom a trans person should use. Anyone should use whatever bathroom they feel comfortable using. If assault or harassment happens in a bathroom, then we deal with it as if it happened anywhere else.

Lloyd - 19 July 16:58

In my middle school health class, along with our sex-ed unit, we also had a unit on why girls shouldn't wear revealing clothing because boys won't respect them. Also, even in high school sex-ed, there was absolutely no mention of sexual orientation, even though my state (Washington is highlighted for that. And Washington is very liberal!

Calandra - 10 July 21:26

love how they use one at first then just say fuck it. bare is best

Eugene - 23 October 09:52

Wonderful video! I am downloading the app right now! As a queer lady I enjoy to app HER but it isn't wonderful for hookups, looking forward to trying Pure!

Marshall - 18 June 12:04

24 Sammy Braddy