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Voelker - 27 December 22:53

heel mooi gezicht, I have been lusting for this wild blonde cheerleader slut ever since I found her moonlighting as a stripper in a local club. I have spent hundreds of dollars on her getting more and more intimate lap dances and then gone home and wanked myself silly with the hot feel of her firm tits still warming my palms, the wet trail of her saliva in my ears and the damp wetness of her thong sticking to my fingers. Finally I persuade her to come home and spend the night with me. I reflect on all this with my face buried in her hot vagina, my avid tongue lapping at her sweet- tasting cunt with her hot white panties shoved to one side and her smooth long legs splayed helplessly across the leather sofa. My left hand is grasping greedily at her her full young tits now covered by a fine sheen of sweat while my right is stroking my lube- covered prick which is SO full and hard that it feels like bursting. I stretch and grip her wrists painfully tight above her nice blonde head while her incredibly tight and fuckable young body writhes in the throes of an impending orgasm, the first of the evening. I can' t wait to ramride her hot wet mouth and empty my full load down her warm gullet while she stares at me pleadingly with her imploring eyes begging, just begging for more and more COCK. Muy lindos comentarios. Yo solo me conformo desde mi humilde sillón de la Compu.

Shane - 10 July 08:08

get rid of the foolish film makers... get someone who knows how to film and isn't running around the room

Upole - 8 March 19:07

A gorgeous shag. I would love to be stuck right up her.

Son - 26 July 06:46

When i watch porn I play with my cunt till I cum

Loske - 23 February 13:11

I can't remember where I read it, but I do remember it seemed to be a reputable source for information, and it said that pregnancy is 100 impossible without penis-in-vagina sex. I know this is wrong, but is it particularly harmful misinformation?