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Admin - 11 September 06:15

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Kortz - 18 December 07:36

If by 'dangerous you're referring to the spread of STI's, more dangerous than vaginal sex because the anus is not self cleansing the way the vagina is. If by 'dangerous you mean in terms of impregnation. very safe. I think it may also increase chances of UTIs in the penetrative partner, if the means of penetration is a penis.

Wiley - 20 May 18:19

name rita daniel

Christopher - 20 May 22:02

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Harley - 3 December 05:01

We all want answers, it is comforting but there is never an end for some. Stay curious, keep going and stop trying to define. Just go with it, ride with the waves and tides of your life instead of digging yourself into something you once wanted.

Rocle - 24 July 09:38

Spread it and fuk it

Emmitt - 6 February 03:40

I remember The first time they showed the Karate Kid on TV and they censored out the word sucks.

Admin - 30 February 13:26

that's what i want under my tree next xmas